Price list

– Setting out to the object (in Kiev), development sketches and materials are included in the total price of the order.
– Advance payment of 50% of the work.

The painting depicting stylized and decorative forms, abstract shapes, ornamental compositions, contour, or the silhouette pattern …. 60 USD / M²

Children’s theme, fairy tales, cartoons …. 90 USD / M²

Lettering….100 у.о./м² 

Simple landscape, urban and landscape motifs …. 110 USD/ M²

Scene painting, a stylized image of a man …. 110 USD / M²

Sophisticated urban and landscape motifs, compositions with many details …. 160 USD / M²

Realistic display of human and animal, multi-figure composition …. 160 USD / M²

The price may vary depending on several factors:
– The urgency
– Work on the ceiling, or height
– The complexity of the figure, the saturation of the details