Dream Castle

Children’s room painting Dream Castle
The painting of a kids room
Rovantsy, Ukraine

In the beginning of summer 2018 I made a very cute mural for the little princesses and the prince.
The painting took a bit more time than I expected (about 8-9 days) because of the small details in the composition. But the process brought me great pleasure becouse I had a whole group of support!
The basis of composition was the magic castle and princesses from Disney cartoons in soft pastel colors lay.
The painting was executed by acrylic paints on the wall painted water-based paint. I didn’t covered it with varnish because the acrylic is water-resistant in itself and the paint does not lose color.



Ельза and Snow White


Mural in the interior.

My support group 🙂

Well, that’s me personally with our new picture. Thank you for following my creativity, your support and you very inspire me with it! And I will try to grow with every project, bring joy to you and make your dwellings even more beautiful and cozy.

Photo: Liliya Sakhnyuk