Drawing the logo of the KCA Eagles sports team on the wall at the Kyiv Christian Academy (KCA) International School.

Petropavlovsk Borshchagivka, Kyiv region, 2019.

The work on this project was extremely exciting. Scale and height are impressive! Check it out by yourself 🙂

The size of the logo is 12.87 sq.m.

I used the projector to draw a picture. Incidentally, I worked with a projector for drawing on a large area for the first time and I have to note: it is super fast and very convenient. I have appreciated it 🙂 Now, if it’s possible, I will use the projector to transfer the picture quickly and purely.

For the drawing I used acrylic paint, acrylic cans and for clear lines – my favorite acrylic markers by Molotow. From above the picture was covered with varnish in a cartridge for acrylic paints. I want to note that it’s not obligatory because the acrylic is waterproof by itself. However, the client was most pleased – we do everything possible!

View in the interior.

When the project is finished, the best reward is that my client is satisfied!

I am thankful for the opportunity to work on this project! Maybe you will come at one of the sport events in the new school where you will be able to see what this logo looks like on the wall by yourself. Let me know somehow (:

Thank you for viewing!