Studio of kitchen furnitures “Esthete”

Mural in the office
Irpin, Ukraine

The company Estet and #allatkachuk_art present to your attention a new wall painting – lettering!
The aim of the company is to create special furniture for the esthetic satisfaction of the most demanding customers! Hence the name of the company – Estet.
We have designed one of the walls with stylish lettering to emphasize the elegance of design.

So, as always, everything starts with an idea and a sketch.


Then I move the drawing to the wall.
During operation, some elements can be changed, if required by the composition or the wall.
I use Molotow markers for the mural.

img_9638 img_9646img_9644

The view in the interior.


I want to thank the management for the opportunity to work at this studio!


Work in progress.

Thank you for watching!
Photo by Максим Михайлюченко